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50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus.
Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing sounds that are inaudible to others, and often accompanies hearing loss. Tinnitus may vary in pitch (buzzing, ringing, hissing), volume, and may be constant or periodic.

Tinnitus (ringing, roaring or buzzing sounds in the ears) is often caused by hearing loss.
During the tinnitus evaluation, we will complete the diagnostic tests of otoscopy, immittance, otoacoustic emissions, audiometry and speech audiometry. In addition to matching the pitch and loudness of the tinnitus, and determine a level of noise where you can no longer hear the tinnitus. We will administer tinnitus handicap questionnaires to assess the effect of tinnitus on your daily life. The results from the tinnitus evaluation are used to discuss tinnitus coping strategies and to identify need for a tinnitus therapy program.

10-15% of adults suffer from tinnitus.

Typical causes of tinnitus include:

  • Hearing Loss
  • Induced by noise
  • Ear Disease (i.e. Meniere‚Äôs Disease)
  • Certain Medication/Drug use
  • Other unspecified reason

Chronic tinnitus is often accompanied by numerous difficulties such as:

    • Persistence of tinnitus
    • Sleeping problems
    • Speech understanding
    • Despair, frustration, depression
    • Annoyance, irritation, irritability
    • Inability to relax
    • Increased stress
    • Concentration problems

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    We work together with you to determine which Tinnitus Therapy Program is likely to be most beneficial for you. The tinnitus therapy program begins with the Tinnitus Evaluation and will include visits for follow up care throughout the tinnitus program.