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Do you have hearing loss?

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
ALDs can help individuals with hearing loss, and can make listening in difficult environments easier. ALDs are able to connect to hearing instruments, or in some cases be used as a standalone to overcome the negative effects of distance, background noise or poor acoustics. ALDs include FM systems, loop systems, amplified telephones, and wireless listening devices for the television.  

Bluetooth Technology
Many hearing aids now come with the ability to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled devices, such as a cell phone. Bluetooth devices are typically hearing aid manufacturer specific and likely have the options of connecting to the television or a land line telephone via a box that changes your TV or telephone signal into a Bluetooth wireless signal. Many newly released technologies also offer direct-to-Apple iOS options.

Alerting Devices
Alerting devices are used for individuals with hearing loss to signal when a sound is occurring. Alerting devices often substitute a flashing light or vibration for typically sound-based alarms. Alerting devices work with fire alarms, door bells, telephone ringers, alarm clocks, and baby crying devices.